From: Cecil
To: HCCR Interns, HCCR Hosts, HCCR Employees (other)

1/3 OK, not sure what happened, plan obviously didnt work. Not sure how much you remember... city is in shambles
2/3 If youre on this list, you work for me at the radio station - pls ask if you need help w/ location, circumstance, etc
3/3 I dont know much, but I will try to help at least. Good luck

From: Junpei
To: Boss man

TEXT: Huh????
TEXT: Phone says you're my boss but i dont remember having a job????
TEXT: Fill me in????

Love ‘Em and Cleave ‘Em || [closed, 4chanishellamoe]


"It’s fine. I’m the only girl in this house anyway, it’s nice having alone time, y’know? Doesn’t matter if it’s my birthday or any other day."

She just giggled at his question and coaxed the bird off her shoulder and onto her hand, instructing it to fly back to her room. It did diligently, and she smiled watching it go.

"Not too long ago. Her name is Cupcake. Isn’t she pretty?"

Scooting a bit closer to Junpei, she used him like one would the arm of a couch—by leaning against him with all her weight. Very comfortable. Grabbing some of the food she had laid out she shrugged and plopped pieces of popcorn in her mouth.

"Donno. I’ve never heard of any of the movies they have here—I just grabbed whatever looked cheesiest."

"Yeah no I feel you, alone time is really great, regardless." And especially after what happened to them. Then again, being alone with your thoughts is also dangerous.

He watched Cupcake fly away, nodding at her question. “Yeah, and smart too if she knew to go back to your room huh?”

Junpei got comfortable on the couch, only to have the pink haired girl leaning on him like a piece of furniture. And to be honest, he didn’t really mind it. They were friends after all, right? He reached into her snacks, pulling out some chips and starting into the movie.

"Sounds like a good plan. What’re you supposed to do with cheesy movies anyway, commentary?"

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Love ‘Em and Cleave ‘Em || [closed, 4chanishellamoe]


"I mean, I’m not totally alone… I think SOMEONE is home but with so many rooms it’s kinda hard. Plus I have cupcake here."

She giggled and scratched at the bird’s chin and cooed at it a bit before seating herself on the couch and patting for Junpei to sit next to her. The couch was huge, so she didn’t mind if he sat farther away or not. Though it’d be nice if he was close. Being her friend and all.

"Plus I mean, you’re here too now! So it’s not at all lonely."

Giggling some more at his enthusiasm she grabbed the remote and pressed play even before he could sit. There were a whole lot of movies, and only so much time to watch them all.

"Then let’s get celebrating!"

"Well good, good. Still though it looks kinda empty in here and that kinda sucks you know?" Of course she’d know that you idiot, she lives here. The house did feel big and empty despite how many people and animals Clover had told him were living there? Seven people and not a one was home for her birthday, not even her brother?

He glanced up at the bird perched on Clover’s shoulder, grinning a little at it. “When did you get a bird?”

Following her to the couch, he flopped down next to her, sorta close. Yeah, it was a big couch, but they were friends right? Friends who went to a formal ball together could sit close on the couch to celebrate a birthday, it wasn’t unheard of.

"So what are we watching first anyway? Birthday girl’s lead after all."

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Love ‘Em and Cleave ‘Em || [closed, 4chanishellamoe]


Bewildered, she accepted the gift as the bird on her shoulder shifted when she did. Weird. She hadn’t expected anyone but Light to remember, let alone get her anything. It was nice, and made her blush a tiny bit while smiling. How nice to be remembered on a day that no one seemed to care about anyone but their significant others.

"Thanks sooooo much Junpei! I’m real happy you remembered, y’know, since it’s Valentine’s day and all…"

Before she went digging into the gift she pulled him inside, kicking the door shut with her heel. Might as well nab him for a small celebration if he was already here. Not like there was anyone else around…

"Come on~ We can celebrate my birthday just the two of us. I have a TON of bad chick flicks and snacks."

Junpei got a feeling from the bewilderment that she wasn’t used to being acknowledged on her birthday, further proven with how she trailed off while thanking him.

"Ya know it’s just… Nobody deserves to be alone on their birthday, and I know you have a lotta roommates with a lotta plans."

He felt himself yanked into the house, stumbling a little and straightening up once the door was shut behind him, looking around a little. It was a nice house, cozy. He didn’t mind being commandeered for a celebration. He didn’t have anything better to do and besides, she was his friend.

"Yeah, sure. Sounds like a plan Clover lets do this, lets celebrate."

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"….Clover no."

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Old Man You Light Up My Girl Like Nobody Else || [[closed; elderlion]]


Hongou’d received a near-anonymous letter to meet at a cafe with someone. He would have been a little paranoid (for good reason), but he’d seen a clue at the end of the letter to the person’s identity. It was subtle, but there was a number [5] written in faded pencil, as though it had been erased. It seemed the boy changed his mind after trying to seem ‘cool’ and give a (fairly obvious) clue.


With a low chuckle, and deciding that Number [5] posed no threat, Hongou grabbed a coat and set off for the cafe indicated (but of course, he grabbed his revolver just in case, as he never left without it).

Once he arrived, he spoke with the hostess and was led to a private table in the back, occupied by a younger man with brown hair. Undoubtedly Junpei.


"Hello, Junpei. Was there any need for the super secret message? It was easy to decode."

Without another word, he sat down across from the other.

Tipping on the sides of his cup, as if that would cool the drink down any faster, he glanced up when the older gentleman approached and took his seat.

He was sorta hunched over the table, as if trying to to keep his face hidden from onlookers. As if this was some sort of secret meeting out of a spy movie.

"Huh? Need for it? I guess it sounded kinda cool to send a coded message you know? Like something out of an spy movie."

Despite who he was dealing with, and knowing how dangerous he was, Junpei was surprisingly calm.

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Love ‘Em and Cleave ‘Em || [closed, 4chanishellamoe]


Clover hummed as she walked about the house, her bird perched on her shoulder. It was often that she would do this, still donned in her pajamas, walking around with the pink cockatoo. Of course today was a little different—it was also her birthday. Sure it was Valentine’s day, but really she never had anyone to celebrate that with anyway but everyone seemed to be preoccupied with that and forget the day she was, y’know, born.

Grabbing an armful of snacks to dump on the couch in front of the tv, she heard the knocking on the door. Who in the world was actually at their house on Valentine’s day? As she was aware, the only two people actually involved in this house lived in the same stupid room and one was even out with their best friend—the one that killed her.

Shrugging and walking over to the door, she just swung it open, blinking at the fashion disaster in front of her.

"Junpei…!? What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you since…like…the ball!”

Junpei heard the door open, looking up at the girl in front of him from his generally slouched posture on her doorstep. To be honest, he hadn’t exactly expected her to be here. He’d assumed she’d probably be out with someone, she seemed fairly popular at least. He’d intended to leave the gift with her brother and leave, but finding her home was bewildering and in a way, made him glad he could give her her gift in person.

He picked up the bag next to him, handing it to her.

"Hey uh, so I remembered you told me it was your birthday today, so I thought I’d stop by and give you a gift. I wasn’t expecting you home though, but it’s nice getting to see you today anyway."

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Love ‘Em and Cleave ‘Em || [closed, 4chanishellamoe]

Junpei’s visit to the house was for a specific purpose, and that was the birthday of one of his friends from back home. He never really discussed this with her, and figured why not show up with a birthday gift for her. After all, they were friends, and that was what friends did.

He’d made sure to get something she’d like, or at least, that he thought she’d like, so over all it was a big pink bag of uncertainty sitting by his feet one he stood on the porch of the house.

Knocking on the door to the large zoo house, he rocked on his heels, making his tennis shoes squeak slightly against the porch, waiting for someone to answer. As much fun as he’s had going into strange doors without asking over the years, he figured that maybe this one wasn’t exactly the best door to try that on. Besides, it wasn’t even numbered.

Ask your doctor if unlocking the memory of your own death is right for you. (Closed / HCCR)


Cecil’s shows, in the last few days, had gotten… longer. It wasn’t so much the result of an increase in content as it was an increase in pausing, and a decrease in speed. He hoped no one had noticed. He also hoped they hadn’t noticed his hoarse voice and the way he kept rubbing at his neck when no one was looking. He did not bother to hope that no one noticed the way he was sighing into his coffee in the break room afterwards, as he assumed no one would really be paying attention to begin with.

So Cecil sighed into his coffee, ignoring the way its unnecessarily high temperature made his already ragged throat feel as much more uncomfortable as it could, given the limitations of his physical form. He did not pay the slightest amount of attention to his employees, or their reactions. Part of being a good boss, after all, was apathy.

For a radio station, it seemed odd to Junpei that lately it seemed quieter. The broadcasts seemed quieter, the hoarse gurgle of the coffee machine was more muted, the interns seemed more tight lipped without really being tight lipped at all.

The only sound that seemed to pierce the heavy cloud of silence that hung over the radio station were the sounds of his boss sighing into his coffee in the times he was not on air, and even when he was. Prying seemed rude and invasive, but colour him worried about someone who was usually so upbeat when announcing horrifying news as if it was completely normal for him. But then again, maybe it was.

A second cup of coffee joined Cecil’s on the table, followed by a body occupying the chair across from him, trying to not get too close, in case he didn’t want to discuss this at all.

"Hey boss? You feeling alright? Since the other day, things have felt quieter around here and I wondered if you were alright."

Old Man You Light Up My Girl Like Nobody Else || [[closed; elderlion]]

The whispered secrets of the city tickled at Junpei’s ears as he walked, enticing him to stay a while and learn what the other inhabitants were saying, doing, thinking. But no, he couldn’t stop to see how much trouble eavesdropping would land him in, especially in the territorial warfare that was his home in sector 3. He had other plans, other whispers to listen to, those of which would come right from the horse’s mouth.

Or, maybe this time, the Lion’s.

Junpei wasn’t known for punctuality, or much outside his outlandish attire and the inopportune moments his puns decided to come forth from, but today he was on time. About five minutes early, even. He asked the waitress at the cafe for the table in the back, a secluded booth in a less well lit corner, where the hum and bustle of the cafe was slightly muted. He ordered a cup of coffee for them both, waiting for his companion to arrive.